Uh Oh.

We are booked to go to a day of building and baking in the next yokel town along from ours and the whole do starts at 10am. We are leaving here before 9am to get to a friend’s by just after 9am so we can go together.

What was I thinking? I am so unprepared for these kind of things.

I am better at picking up the phone and telling the HE team at our local county council that they need to have a word with their attendance and engagement officers about the Guidance for Elective Home Education. They should be told that there is no requirement for any interview process or requesting permission or being ‘allowed’ to home educate and they certainly shouldn’t be door-stepping anyone and telling them these untruths.


3 Comments to “Ummmm”

  1. 🙂
    was thinking of you today while we were sat in Pizza Hut for ds2’s birthday treat.

    • We had a good time even though I got home completely whacked! I hope the boy feels good having passed another milestone in life 🙂

  2. I think he probably felt better eating pepperoni pizza!

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