There has been some sewing

I needed a bag to go with my ‘summer’ wardrobe so I cut into a pair of Mr G’s old Levis that he ripped the bum out of twice and are now beyond repair (and a bit too big – yay) I picked a stained shirt for the lining and dug out my pattern for the Japanese Knot Bag Martha Stewart has a similar pattern here which is a simpler to sew.

I have made two of these in the past – one for me and one for my mum and I use mine a lot. She uses hers for glamorous nights out. You can see why mine doesn’t go with a summery wardrobe, right?

The original pattern has a round base but I wanted a slimmer bag so I drafted a new eye-shaped base when I made the first bags.

Here’s my new bag

I love this style of bag for its simplicity and size. I can close it and hang it on my wrist while holding other bags or children’s hands and I know nothing will fall our of it, or I can hang it on my arm by one of the handles keeping it open so that I can get my keys out of it when I get to the car or the front door. It is big enough for my purse, my phone, a little diary, keys and a rolled up shopping bag or a book.

I sewed it in a hurry and that little bit of fraying denim you can see on the shorter handle has got worse so I’m going to unpick it a bit and re-sew that side – maybe…….!

I’ve also sewed Miss Amoo yet another pair of trousers from the Jump pattern in the Ottobre 1/ 2008 but they are a bit warm for the weather we have been having and they are making her legs itchy. She’s growing like a weed at the moment so I’m going to have to get a lighter weight fabric and sew her another pair as she hasn’t got any trousers that fit her. Bought trousers just aren’t right, it seems.


3 Comments to “There has been some sewing”

  1. Gosh, they are beautiful.

  2. wow!
    So itching to get sewing and knitting at the moment, but having to put it all aside for other creative pursuits.

  3. Sweet! that looks like a very handy style and a good way to use smaller pieces of fabric.

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