Friday Thing

On our way to our Friday Thing we saw:

the hedgerow on the main road by our house in full leaf
magnolia blooms falling onto pavements
blossom covered trees
a lady in black and white kitten heels and a skirt which was black on the back but patterned black and white on the front
open fields with no crop
other fields full of bright yellow oil seed rape
the Ridgeway
pollarded trees that are now showing new orange-y leaved growth
a man on a bike arguing with a man in a car
a tiny little black lamb with its mummy ewe in a field


3 Comments to “Friday Thing”

  1. That’s fantastic. I seem to be surrounded by inspirational things today. Being allowed to listen to my Frank Turner CD in the car this evening while Minx plugged into her i-pod – singing stuff about singing, friends, just doing it – whatever it is, ‘I won’t sit down, and I won’t shut up’ etc. Then I read a new (to me) blog and one post was about this amazing woman who’s built up a whole dress design business and designs the amazing fabrics too and still does friends/family ‘normal’ stuff too. And now this reminder from you about the beauty and entertainment that’s just THERE if you remember to look. Love it! Feeling all creativey now but s’pose in reality I’d best go to bed. (everyone else has and I’ve got to get them all up tomorrow…. ) I’ll try and dream inspirational dreams then….. Thank you though!!!!

  2. Thanks for noticing, so I can imagine those sights.

  3. P.S. I just nominated you for one of those annoying “awards.” Participation is optional.

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