I have nothing exciting to say but I’ve not posted for so long that I thought I should probably say something.

We’ve been busy-ish here and there, a party one day, Nanny here for three days, bike rides another day, tidying up and cutting hair and sewing hair bands and lots of playing outside on bikes with the neighbours’ children.

So, the days have passed with little to show for them other than smiling faces and very dirty clothes. Kim has got me into Romancing the Ordinary and I am very contented as a result. If you haven’t got a copy, get over to Amazon and buy one for a penny. I’ve had to buy two as my Mum has ‘borrowed’ the first copy I bought as she was already three months into it by the time she went home last week.

I would show you pictures of this joy but I downloaded them this afternoon and deleted them off the camera just before the puter got cranky and died. I’m typing this on a ‘spare’ puter which is sadly without any if my files until I can reinstall them from backup tomorrow.


3 Comments to “Ordinary”

  1. Hope you get your pc fixed soon. Looking forward to more sewing posts. My beast machine is still on the table, waiting for inspiration from my scrap bag.

  2. aah yes, the infamous book!!! ;o) I too have been inspired to get a copy after looking at KIm’s!!

  3. Hope your computer files can be rescued. You have made me go and look at that book. 1p is almost too tempting. Smiles and dirty clothes sound good to me. I like the ordinary and the everyday.
    Thanks for your comments. Glad you liked the dress. Have a good week. x

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