Sunny day, chasing the clouds away

I sewed something yesterday:3 pairs of pants!

I also

Got up late
Did four loads of washing – in, out, dry, back in and half put away
Spoke to a lovely man at Barclays India whilst simultaneously realising that yesterdays embarrassment in Waitrose is all my fault because I am stupid and the new card isn’t broken and I don’t need a new pin, it is just not the card for the account I thought it was for – doh
Listened to music
Changed Mr G’s wiper blades so that I can see through the windscreen when I next drive his car in the rain
Talked to the nice neighbours outside
Cut El Famosisimo’s hair to his satisfaction and swept up an awful lot of it
Cleared the living room floor COMPLETELY and washed it (for the first time since Miss Amoo’s party in February…. eek!)
Ironed eight shirts
Photographed a soon-to-be-tute for sewing a hidden seamed gusset for undies

J went sailing, Miss Amoo went to play at a friend’s house, El F went out smartly dressed, Mr G took Miss Froo out to get dinner and wiper blades and sponges then washed the car with her and then even cooked a roast without too many expletives in it. The girls had a bath and had fits of the giggles over who knows what and we realised that El Famosisimo is actually getting quite good at playing the guitar.

Some days are just good, aren’t they?


One Comment to “Sunny day, chasing the clouds away”

  1. When you get so much done in one day it is a great feeling. I am tryign to be productive today. SO I had better go get off my backside and do some more jobs.

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