It’s the 18th March and I still haven’t made anything for me. The only sewing I’ve done this month is bean bags from fleece scraps at our Tuesday home ed group. These have gone down well and feel really nice to hold and throw but I’m still without a new vest or new undies!

Late on Tuesday afternoon the sun was on its way down and I was at the sink when it shone through the kitchen window and through glass of stones on the windowsill

and I found that I could do this

This week has been odd, busy, messy and a bit stressful but shot through with good moments spent with friends. These friends and the long awaited flashes of light and green are keeping me afloat and if I can get through the family’s detritus to my machine this weekend I’ll feel even better.

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One Comment to “Light”

  1. Hope you get to the machine this weekend. I cleared my table yesterday of my family’s detritus ready for sewing – then Little I covered it with red and orange paint. I like the photos of the light and water. Thank you for the rosemary tea advice. I am trying to do eye baths and the whites of my eyes are now yellow instead of red! Slow progress.

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