A Bit of Green

We’ve had a very boring week with too much business and not enough ha ha hee hee so we went out today quickly to a place that is a bit of a local secret.

The lakes are old quarries belonging to NPower and at one point were in danger of being used to ‘store’ ash from the power station. In the end the lakes were saved and are now under the wing of local wildlife and nature trust which organised the building of this hide with the help of volunteers

Inside looking up into the roof

and from around the side of the lake

It was a wild and windy afternoon but very bright and clear and we definitely blew our cobwebs away despite only being out for under an hour. We also found what I was looking for: signs of green and fresh newness

Photo credits: Miss Amoo


4 Comments to “A Bit of Green”

  1. I love the hide – what a great building. You have a good photographer there too!

  2. AND thankyou for the useful advvice in the comment re: eating and energy advice. Funnily I have started eating brazil nuts daily recently after reading about selenium. Also gone back to putting seeds on my porridge and in salads. I have also been buying spring greens (cheap!) and eating a lot of them. I hate buying expensive airfreighted salads in bags. Annoyingly for me the bagged salad is cheap in tesco at the moment but I am trying not to be tempted. Just so much waste. Little I got up at 4.30am today so not totally there on sleeping front yet! Have a good weekend.

  3. Hurrah for secret places that replenish oxygen and fill your senses with sights of spring. Hurrah for the sun! Looks like a lovely day.

  4. Looks like a fabulous outing ! My kids would love to see a building like that.

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