It’s March already. How does that happen? Is it my age?

I’ve been so tempted to click on that button to add myself to the Me Made March tribe but I’ve been holding off. Why? Because I wear me-made undies and vests and a me-made skirt most days so wearing my stuff isn’t really a challenge. What is a challenge is actually sewing something for myself.

I’ve got into this thrifty rut where I quite like wearing a uniform of sorts and I don’t feel I really need any more clothes. Whilst I don’t really need more, I do sort of need new. One of my wool skirts could do with re-hemming in a different way so as to be smoother and smarter, my spring/summer lightweight trousers which were actually a wearable muslin two years ago have started to fray at the seams and some of the undies I first sewed are looking worse for wear.

So my March challenge is going to be to Make-Something-for-Me, and wear it, of course!

I solemnly promise to myself that I will re-hem the skirt, sew new trousers, sew new undies and sew another vest. There are 31 days in this month and that is an awful lot of hours and moments to use a bit more thoughtfully for my own benefit.


4 Comments to “Make-Something-for-Me-March”

  1. ok. Undies. Me like the idea. I mean, nobody will see them so they could be any colour, or shape (within reason) and even if I ballsed them up, nobody would know. Any pattern ideas? Tips? Or is it your usual free-flow-as-you-go thing?

  2. Thanks for advice today. Can’t wait to get knocking up some knickers. Watch this space.

  3. Great goals, I signed up hoping it would force me to be a bit more motivated to sew some new duds. Good luck !

  4. I’ve decided that I must Mend-Something-For-Me. I was looking for a toy that had been hurled in my mending basket aeons ago so I could chuck it in the charity bag instead and found that once I’d emptied everything that belonged to someone else in the basket because they had long since grown out of it, all that was left was my things. Two things. Do-able? Hmmmmmnnnnnn….. maybe….

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