Quite busy

Sorry about yesterday’s miserable nimby-ism. I needed to make a note of it somewhere but today I’ve given myself a poke in the eye and have some better things to share.

We bought Miss Amoo some Hama beads for her birthday and there has been Hama-ing on a daily basis here since last week on their own and with friends so it seems that new beads are required. Who knew that 3000 beads might not be enough? Another crafty gift from a friend which has had a lot of table time this week was a paint your own Money Monster so we have been in between paint and tiny weeny beads which is a bit messy.

So we have been out in search of more beads and after visiting our two favourite shops and a toy shop we came home with some good finds.

More beads

Stripy cotton jersey fabric from the remnant rail for a nightie for Miss Froo whose current hand me down is giving her a heat rash at night (what is it with my kids and nightwear at the moment?) and a useful little ruler cutter with its own little mat from the charity shop for only 75p!

The friendly man was behind the till at the charity shop again today and wished Miss Amoo happy birthday plus a week (he has a good memory) but the ladies in the fabric shop were a bit fraught after having to tidy up after a day’s worth of kids faffing with everything they could lay their (reportedly) grubby hands on. In WHSmith we overheard a couple of mummies complaining that they couldn’t wait til Monday to get the little terrors back to school and how stressful the week had been. Then we heard the same kind thing in the precinct combined with people arguing with their children.

Before the holiday I heard people talking about children being absolutely exhausted and really needing the half term break to come sooner. Now half the population seems to be unhappy that they have half term at all. Has no-one put two and two together and thought that perhaps shutting the little people away from society five days a week, forty odd weeks a year doesn’t actually get them used to society or allow society to get used to them? Or that having to sit still for several hours a day and do things you aren’t interested in for six weeks or so might not be the best lead in to a happy relaxing break?

The world has gone mad.


2 Comments to “Quite busy”

  1. We got most of our Hama Beads – well generic hama bead fakes – for a ridiculously cheap price in Ikea – great if you can resist buying anything else while you’re there. Trouble is they don’t always melt at quite the same temperature as the proper Hama Beads tho’ so we’ve had some interesting outcomes (including me managing to iron flat the nobbly bits of the Hama Bead template!).

    We love the glow-in-the-dark Hama Beads the best.

    I figured if the dog ate them like he does other Hama Beads I’d be able to scoop the poop from the back yard in the dark. I’m yet to test out this theory.

    • I saw then in Ikea when I was there with my mum but at the time, I was still not sure that we wanted thousands of little thingies all over the house with Miss Froo and her sense of humour. I’ll get some when I’m next there.

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