My Gap

My gap is going.

The one that let me see this yesterday while I was standing at my sink for half an hour washing up and listening to El Famosisimo chatting to a friend in the kitchen over a cup of coffee

Then today when we got home from town the light looked like this

I love this view but it will soon be gone as our neighbours have got planning permission to build a 2 storey extension to the left of their house which will block out the view of the trees and leave my view on a day like today looking like this:

I’ve tried to explain why this gap is important to me before and I feel that I must be the only person who can see this ever changing view and values it. No person in any other house in our close is able to see the sun set like I do through these trees and perhaps no-one else really cares whether they sky looks this way or that but I DO. Appreciating what is around us is so simple yet so easy to forget.

On this occasion no amount of ranting in my head (they have one tiny child and three bedrooms – do they realllly need four bedrooms and three toilets??!???) or letter writing to Planning People has made any difference and I am now resigned to collecting pictures of this view until it is blocked and my gap is lost.


3 Comments to “My Gap”

  1. I feel for you – I really do. I was looking at my view while washing up this morning and saw the sunrise and I thought of you. Has all the planning gone through?

    • Thanks. Permission has been granted so we are waiting for work to start 😦
      I haven’t seen the sun rise for a long time! I avoid early morning at all costs unless I’m camping and can’t help it.

  2. Bleurgh. I feel for you, too.

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