On Sunday the girls and Mr Green went off to his sister’s house to hang out with his family which left the boys and I at home in a shockingly quiet and peaceful house.

I had planned to get some sewing done and perhaps clear the bedroom floor and hoover it but I ended up watching sewing and not doing any myself. J was getting ready for a school trip on Monday and whilst packing a very small bag, we realised that he doesn’t own any pyjamas that fit him. As he is now the same size as El Famosisimo I got out his pyjama trouser template and we got cutting.

This was a pair of cotton trousers that he wore until they split at the seams and I replicated them for him from an old cotton dressing gown of my dad’s. This is the original trouser leg (front and back) complete with ink stains but without a waistband.

J cut his trousers from some light-ish printed cotton a friend gave me about two years ago that I can’t see myself wearing as it is either a bit formal or a bit goth for me. There is enough left over for his brother to sew his own pair too but I’ll need to wash it a few more times to soften it up for him!

All I did was sew the hems and the waistband. He did all the cutting, pinning, sewing seams and threading the elastic for the waist.

Ta da!

So that job was done, he went back to the ‘puter and I went out for a walk. I’ve got a Sunday 4 miler which goes along the River Thames, through the oldest bits of town, along the River Ock then back through two parks and a bit of road walking.

I came home for a cup of tea and set about the bedroom floor and got the hoover over it. It was so nice to go to bed without slipping on a Doctor Who magazine or stepping over the aftermath of a jumble sale scrum.

I did do a bit of sewing later in the evening as I started on a muslin for the vintage top pattern I posted about the other day. I got the mitre at the bottom hem looking lovely and the back darts too but this is a vintage size 12 and I think I need to add a bit of ease at the hips…. or eat less cake! I’ll post a pic when I’ve messed about with the fit a bit more.

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5 Comments to “Sewing”

  1. oooh! You are always so resourceful! Great pjs!

    Every time I read about your sewing activities I’m reminded that I should tackle the pile of ‘to sew’ and ‘to mend’ and ‘to cut up and be inventive with’ items currently piled in a tub trug on my conservatory table. But first I need to find a screwdriver and tackle the tension on my bobbin holder which has gone strangely loose. (I swear it’s those sewing gremlins again).

    Maybe this weekend…

    • I’m better at solving practical problems by sewing than I am at tackling the re-fashion pile or mending pile. Perhaps it is an extension of working better to a deadline than doing my home work when the due date was still a week away!

  2. Impressed by all this activity – you do seem to be using your minutes well. I am shamed. Although I have found 3 floors this week. And hoovered one of them. There – I feel a bit better now.

  3. MSG 3 floors is an achievement; don’t do yourself down m’dear.

    Our bedroom floor is holding but the living room floor is bad again. It seems that I can’t control all areas at once!

  4. There’s a reason those oldies had a ‘parlour’. Keep one room decent for unexpected visitors (and the adults once the kids are in bed) and trash the rest.

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