For years, my mum has been gong to a book group which she refers to as “My Ladies”. She has her ladies round for tea and cakes, she goes to theirs for tea and cakes, they go to the cinema to see the films of books that they have read and they talk. A lot. At one time my mum was the only grandmother of the group, at one time she was the only widow and now they have lost a member but they still read on.

She sometimes passes on books that they have read and I read them if the mood takes me. I like lots of them but one has been on the shelf for ages and I still haven’t read it. I opened it earlier on today and the first page has a quote on it

A child needs your love most when he deserves it least
– Erma Bombeck

That is as far as I got today.


3 Comments to “Reading”

  1. How absolutely true. And also true of people in general I think xx

  2. Oh yes.

    (remembering those long toddler years when parental ‘love’ consisted of that gritted-teeth counting to ten, raiding the baking cupboard for choc chips, screaming down the bottom of the garden, and then returning with a hug and a smile.)

  3. I need to remember that. . .and don’t we all need love most when we are acting grumpy.

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