Good moments

This afternoon I was at my half-full sink filling a saucepan with water to cook some pasta when a magical thing appeared in the pan

I picked Miss Froo up to have a look then dashed for the camera (and some new batteries) and as the sun came out from behind the clouds the rainbow grew even brighter and refracted across the pan even further

Then we spotted another rainbow on the fridge

J had got home by this time and Miss Froo was leaping around shouting at him to come and see the rainbows. He was suitably impressed by his little sister’s discoveries and helped her locate the sources of refraction.

The first was a grapefruit glass which I have never used for food but came in a box of glasses from my auntie’s house when she died. I have recently put some coloured stones in it and put it on the window sill filled with water so they look better. I have realised that water evaporates and also gets dusty (doh) so the water needs changing to keep it looking nice. I changed it yesterday and washed the glass so it was all sparklingly transparent today and produced this effect. The other glass is also from auntie’s box but I use that for Baileys!

The second was a fancy bevelled mirror that is against the wall in front of my only usable bit of counter space. The mirror makes this foot square of brown formica look twice its size and reflects light and all sorts, which I like a lot. I’ll take a picture of the mirror tomorrow when it’s not dark!

Here it is

There were lots of odd moments today but this one and the one where Mr G and I went out in the garden in the dark and stood with our feet on the same paving slab where we were standing when he proposed to me nine years ago, made the day much better.


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