I was talking with a friend the other day – I do that a lot! – and we were discussing how apparently there is never any time to do anything nowadays and we had both had conversations that week which included the bemoaning of the fact that we/they couldn’t do x, y or z due to time circumstances outside their control. Was this a myth, we pondered?

In the conversation I was telling her about, it had been me whingeing about not having time to read or sew. I probably do have time but I use/waste it purposelessly.

The result of our pondering was that if we looked at the day in terms of minutes or moments there was probably quite a lot that could be done without too much effort. This friend had burned on her memory that a kindly midwife had suggested that she do a pelvic floor squeeze every time she changed direction instead of trying to find 5 minutes a day to do 50. I recalled a thing a few months ago PM on Radio 4: a minute of nothing on the radio, not for remembrance but just for a minute of quiet.

People emailed what they had done in that minute and it was fascinating to hear how much had been done by some people and how purposefully little had been done by others. One minute of stretching while cooking, one minute of breathing whilst sitting in the car, a minute of listening to the sounds in the house, rewiring a plug, fixing that thing that had been bothering someone for ages…

In light of all this thinking and talking, I’m trying to plan my day a bit so I don’t slide into a mess of getting nothing done but at the same time feeling consumed by everything. A minute is a long time and I should start using them better.


One Comment to “Moments”

  1. What I want to know is why the things that are truly irrelevant and least important to our lives are the ones that hijack the largest amount of our time?

    Most of Sunday spent tackling a literary criticism essay seems like a lot of wasted minutes to me. And I haven’t even finished it – arrrggghhh!! Will the world stop turning? I don’t think so.

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