Not Moving

Is it possible do anything creative yourself when everyone in your house just likes being creative and leaving everywhere a mess?

Today I don’t think I can so instead I rearranged the desk and the shoe boxes in our entrance vestibule and made it easer to get up stairs without standing on a carpet of coats or shoes. We call it a vestibule because it is a small square, not a long hallway and also because Mr G is an estate agent and that kind of vocabulary is just part of our daily chatter.

Miss Froo doesn’t want to move house, she needs a “bigger property” and we have an “eat-in kitchen” not a kitchen with a table which takes up a third of the floor space and makes it hard to get out of the back door.

Thirteen years ago I came back from Mexico with two children, a huge duffel roll bag and two boxes of books and started all over again. Some days I am tempted to just walk away from this house and all the stuff in it that I can’t control and just start all over again, again.

But I don’t: I just keep moving the furniture around.


3 Comments to “Not Moving”

  1. Well we have nowhere near the space issue that you probably have – or the excuse seeing as we live in a 3 bed house – but I really know that trying to solve everything by ‘moving furniture’ thing.

    Trouble is, when you have family AND you home ed (AND run a business in your case) AND have children across a whole spectrum of ages, a house and its rooms have to have so many functions that they will always feel cluttered and imperfect.

    I wonder if there really is a happy medium between messy & creative and show-home minimalism?

  2. p.s. what sort of estate agent speak is there to describe those teeny weeny corridor kitchens in 1930s semis? I need to reframe my view of my one-person, overcramped hole of a kitchen.

    • BlueDoor is an honest agent so we would just call it small. Being small myself makes that not feel like a bad thing to be 😉

      Other agents might call it a galley-style kitchen and if you feel like Cut Throat Jake some days that might be appropriate, other days you might feel like an adventurous wench sailing the high seas to new lands so it could work I suppose!

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