Minnado – this is the pattern I though of when I saw your red dress; what do you think? Should I bite the bullet and sew myself one for the summer? I like the collar but I don’t know if I can carry off the housecoat style and the zip worries me too: not sewing it but using it, or misusing it! Maybe BMF or GOMT have an opinion as they have seen me in the flesh.

I bought a bundle of size 12 retro patterns some time last year on ebay because I was looking for some simple dresses to sew that wouldn’t need too much bust adjustment. I still haven’t sewn one of them so I’m challenging myself to do at least one this year.

Here’s one I might try to ease myself in gently; perhaps just the top.

In the meantime there is a new waistband needed on Miss Froo’s velour trousers, totally new pyjama trousers from El Famosisimo who has finally ripped the pair I sewed him from my dad’s old dressing gown. One of EF’s quirks is that he can’t stand wearing stiff, new fabrics and finding stuff that is pre-softened and not in floral patterns can sometimes be a bit tricky especially as at his age it is hard to find clothes to fit him from charity shops or at jumble sales.

He is bigger than a kid but not as big as an adult and it seems from my experience and evidence before my eyes that boys between about 8 and 16 destroy their clothes before they grow out of them so there is nothing left to hand down to anyone or put in a bag for charity.

I’ve moved the record player off the top of the sewing machine cabinet and put it underneath it instead so that may help with getting some sewing done….


4 Comments to “Patterns”

  1. Oh, I can see why you linked that pattern and my dress. Yes, I think you should sew one. I was thinking of wearing the red dress over a tshirt or even in winter a poloneck?? That would perhaps help with fullfrontal-zip fear. My dress is made of some very synthetic fabric.
    I love the seond pattern with the diagonal seams. I too have a bag of vintage patterns that I haven’t sewn from yet…My alomst eight year old son doesn’t like wearing new fabrics. I agree that boys of eight plus seem to wear out their clothes, we have a 10 year old nephew and now only get few cast offs from him as he just wears all his clothes out. We used to get a lot more when he was smaller!

  2. Sturdy underclothes are a must, I’m sure but I have polo neck issues! (I wonder where he gets it from….?) I wore a poly/nylon brown and white striped polo neck at the ballet with my auntie some time in the late 70s which laid the foundations of my fears.

    My uncle was the head lighting electrician for Sadlers Wells Royal Ballet so we had great seats and wandered backstage and everything. I can’t remember much of the detail though because I was being suffocated by the polo neck and couldn’t stop scratching the heat rash that was beginning to cover me from neck to waist.

    I have avoided polo necks and synthetics ever since!

  3. The top pattern looks a bit like the nylon uniform I wore when I worked one summer at one of those Little Chef Motorway food places. I had to develop a technique of serving bacon and eggs at arms length so the lewd blokey customers wouldn’t unzip the front of the dress. And then of course there was that incident with the maggots in the milkshake machine…

    But you probably didn’t want my actual honest opinon, did you?

  4. p.s. am finding similar difficulties with clothes for ds1 cos he’s dead skinny and rather particular. He loves secondhand, but at his age the only stuff around is squeaky nylon or sloganned sports stuff. Have just had to buy some new (minimal sloganned) hoodies online cos he loathes everything in the shops and has trashed, outgrown, or lost all his sweatshirts. His favourite jeans are secondhand girl’s skinny fit from the local swap shop!

    And another thing…where do people go to get pjs for a 12yr old? Really struggled to find anything last time (and wasn’t prepared to pay M&S prices). Ended up buying something vile from slave-shop Primark.

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