Al infinito y más allá

The birthday boy had a lovely day and the cake was good. The years roll on…..

I can’t find the camera so here’s a wordle of my sewing skinny straps and eating biscuits post instead. Click on it to see it better.

Wordle: Sewing


4 Comments to “Al infinito y más allá”

  1. Hello
    Glad the birthday went well. Wordle – this is a new one on me, looks good. Hope you have a good week.

  2. Wordles…cool.
    Next time I need to write a poem for my diploma I think I’ll have a go. Surely it can’t be any more random or strange than my attempts!

    • Wordle makes more frequently occurring words larger than the less frequent ones so you can manipulate it to get some words huge and others small. All you do is paste a bunch of text in there and mess about with the colours, fonts and background til you lie what you see. Put a classic poem in and see what happens!

  3. This is dangerous stuff. I can already picture what my wordle would look like with the words I most frequently use…… Unprintable.

    Love your colours!

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