Uh Oh

Aaaaargh! It’s February. Month of two birthdays.

One is this weekend and the other is in less than two weeks’ time. J has absolutely no desires whatsoever if you don’t count a small request for lasagne for dinner but Miss Amoo has a long list of desired gifts.

I have nothing! Thursday is tomorrow and Friday is the day after and then the days are gone. Where does a week go? The house is a tip, my mum is coming on Saturday and there are things to do!


4 Comments to “Uh Oh”

  1. Get one of the kid’s felt tip pens (red or green works best). Dot it all over your and the kids’ faces (if you’re really sly you can do it while they’re asleep).

    Then – hey presto – you can fake some rare and highly contagious disease, postpone all thoughts of birthdays, parties or house guests and all go back to bed for a week.

  2. Bed for a week sounds good right now. I have two things done: one in the post and one purchased in town today after skating.

    Now I need to throw everything that is on the sofa, chairs, floors, tables and kitchen counters into the bin and we’ll be set. That will be good enough for my mum to find somewhere to sit and put a cup of tea down. Fortunately J never has anyone over on his birthday so we don’t have to worry about other guests. You’d think he was a miserable sod but he isn’t really!

  3. Chin up (as they say) – don’t know why…… Birthdays make me want to sob into a pillow. Good luck! x

  4. It’s an ‘age thing’ MSG.

    I go into denial, refuse to acknowledge my birthday, then sulk because nobody organises anything for me.

    Or perhaps that’s a ‘woman thing’…

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