Make Narrow Straps with Bias Binding Foot and eat biscuits

I’ve posted before about adding bias strips to the edge of fabric in one easy move but then I was needing some thin bits of fabric to use in a drawstring bag and I thought I’d show you how to do that with your bias binding foot.

You need a strip of fabric 1″ wide. If you cut it on the straight grain it will go a bit twisty but it will be a bit more rigid. If you cut it on the cross grain (bias) then you will need to press it to get it straight and it might stretch a bit once you’ve sewn it. My strip is cut on the straight grain and isn’t too twisty yet.

Cut your strip to a point at one end to help you get the thing into the foot. Pull it trough a good way so that you have fabric under the needle to start with. Guide the strip into the foot as you sew, keeping it equally spread between top and bottom curvy bits and this is what you get

Raw edged strip in, folded in and stitched down strip out = magic.

Here’s another view

Then, eat biscuits. J is our biscuit maker and these are from a recipe by Hugh F-W that was in the paper this weekend. We didn’t have enough butter so he made half the quantity and didn’t bother separating yolks so just put a whole egg in and the whole amount of vanilla. This may explain the stickiness of the dough and the curvaceous finished biscuit! The jam was a pretty sharp homemade mirabelle jam that has been in the fridge for months.

Jammed and ready for the oven

On the plate

He definitely needs to make more of these. Yum.


5 Comments to “Make Narrow Straps with Bias Binding Foot and eat biscuits”

  1. I must get me one of those feet – I am thinking about all of those pesky straps etc that I wouldn’t have to turn! And bickies look very tempting!!

  2. Mmmmmmnnn – you make sewing sound like um possible!

    Mmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnn – biscuits…….

  3. I love those old Singer binders. I use them on my “new” Viking too. Love your machine.

  4. I feel really stupid… I didn’t even know such a thing as a binding foot existed! Similarly I also only just learnt about twin needles, I had always thought other people were really good at sewing parallel straight lines. Those biscuits look yummy Hope you are having a good week.

    • Don’t worry, I didn’t know about all these feet either until I bought a vintage beauty that came with a magical black box full of little joys! Often the old sewing machines you find in charity shops have hidden in their cases a black box of joys which is worth at least as much as the machine itself, if not more, if it contains a ruffler. Check those old machines out and you might snag yourself a real bargain.

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