In a discussion about autonomous learning someone mentioned change being beneficial, especially in terms of creativity. People whose children go to school can often wonder what we home edders DO all day sitting indoors looking at the walls… Little do they know that we go here, there and everywhere most weeks and often see more things than a normal person should see in the space of a day.

Without planning it, we made a change yesterday which has been very fruitful. We went to PoundLand! We made several purchases including cappuccino wafer curls, After Eights, silicone cake tin liners, Barbie-type doll clothing and the changemakers: new paintbrushes.

Within an hour of getting home this had happened

And by this lunchtime the fridge looked like this

I think it’s been quite a while since the last painting bender and I can see that there has been some evolution in ideas and execution. Miss Froo isn’t covering the page thickly with randomly mixed colours and Miss Amoo is painting as if she were drawing and also persisting to get the sky to touch the ground.

No practice required, just a time of not doing it. I wish I could get better at all sorts of things by not doing them!

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One Comment to “Bump”

  1. How fantastic is that! Poundland we salute you!

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