Many Moons

Such a peaceful moon rising in a week of social whirl.

Monday was Mr G’s birthday and, as always, a busy business day. Miss Amoo was desperate to see her best friend so we met her and her sister and her mum from school at 3pm. All four girls played so happily together with no crossness which was great compared to how they fight and slam bedroom doors when we hang out at theirs! That left L and I to drink tea and talk and talk.

Mr G is fatalistically negative about his birthday and spends a few days beforehand preparing to have the worst day possible. The girls are oblivious to this though and count down the days on their calendars and write so many cards that they will discard as too this or too that or not quite right. In the end, despite his best intentions, he did enjoy his first ever pair of slippers and Churchill:The Hollywood Years. Curry and cake for dinner finished the day well and elicited a confession that the day had not in fact been one of the worst birthdays ever despite returning him mum’s call and finding that his dad was unaware that it was his only son’s birthday.

So Tuesday found us up and on the street at 10am for posh tea from posh cups in town with two friends I haven’t seen for ages and one delightful little one year old who loved our girls to death with “baby dribble” and hugs. Then we caught up with another friend I have missed spending time with, for lunch at hers.

When I first met these four women we were all in a place of change and newness and now, seven years on, we are all still growing and changing and facing new challenges whilst enjoying many pleasures.

As a child I wasn’t keen on spending time with many girls for reasons I wasn’t sure of at the time but now recognise as some kind of fear and awe. As I grew older but didn’t grow very fast in any direction or wear the right clothes, they didn’t ‘get’ me and I didn’t ‘get’ them either. It was only when I had children that I began to feel some connection between myself and other women even though I still didn’t look like them or do the things they did!

Nowadays, I value the time I spend with my women friends and realise that I can probably count my good friends on the fingers of more than one hand, unlike my childhood or teen self. Years ago, I would have been anxious about sitting at a pub table of women but now I really look forward to that and I’m growing into liking what I once feared. Perhaps we have all grown up.


3 Comments to “Many Moons”

  1. Hello! Thank you for visiting me & introducing yourself & your wonderful blog! I’ve really enjoyed your writing. See you again!

  2. hello
    Your week sounds very nice and sociable. I am not very good in big groups of women but find my feemale friends a great source of support and laughter. Thanks for your kind comments on the barbie clothes. I tried to make them nice and roomy and then just tightened them up with ribbon!

  3. Minnado

    Do you think that blogging is the best of all worlds in that case? Lots of supportive and interesting women but not all together in one room all at once? And, it is easier to ‘meet’ people who we have things in common with online rather than get squashed up against people IRL who we are intimidated by in some way?

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