A little nugget for my home ed friends

Whilst out walking almost 7000 steps in the dark last night, I passed one of our local schools which makes these bold claims on its street side sign:

Graded Outstanding by OFSTED for
Personal Development and Wellbeing
Care, Guidance and Support

As parents I’d say that the first and last of those are taken as read, with perhaps only curriculum looking a bit tricky unless you (shock, horror) believe that a child can choose their own learning path. With this in mind, what exactly is the school’s USP?

Girls in their wendy house ‘school’. They do this for fun, then go and do something else for fun.

eta The wendy house came with a black lining and we haven’t thought hard enough about making it anything other than black!


2 Comments to “Outstanding”

  1. One of those signs, that if you keep reading it, ends up making no sense. It sounds like the curriculum is being given care, guidance and support!

  2. Punctuation might help more than the layout!

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