Fresh and Green

Today has been wet which makes a change from cold and dry, if nothing else. The garden is looking a real mess of plastic stuff including toys, pegs, pots, tea towels and cloths (used for wiping the slide I think…) and all the stuff that goes with the plastic kitchen which lives outside.

Amidst all that colour I noticed a few things as I lifted the lid on the compost dalek and tried not to murder any worms that like hanging around the lid and lip. The dalek is under a lilac bush and look at the life just waiting to burst our of this sticky bud.

Then I went looking for more green, of the natural variety

And look what survived the snow and stupidly sub zero temperatures

who knew parsley was so hardy! (and so green with camera flash on a drizzly day)

Am I imagining it or is it staying light until well after 4 o’clock now? I can’t comment on the change in time of the dawn but perhaps you can let me know if anything significant is happening at that end of the day.

Even this slight lengthening in the bit of day that I see, makes my day better. The bits of green appearing in the garden are heartening and the fact that I have now hemmed the trousers is satisfying. Small pleasures are often worth noting and storing for when the pickings seem slimmer.


One Comment to “Fresh and Green”

  1. Hello,
    I agree about finding pleasure in small thigns. Seems especially so at this time of year.

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