Repetitive Sewing

We were in our favourite shop number 2 last week on a mission to buy some fabric for some new trousers for Miss Amoo. She has grown about 2″ since I refashioned her a pair of trousers from an old pair of mine and I’m not keen on adding a trim to the hem to lengthen them as she is very into plain and simple at the moment and I can’t find a black to match them.

She wanted corduroy, which is kept under the cutting counter, and she was keen on some navy which was was covered in glitter at one end and suffering from being leaned on by customers over Christmas. Once we had dragged it out we discovered that it was a lined corduroy which felt lovely and warm despite the fluff and glitter. I ended up doing a deal on the fluffy bit and we came home with just under a metre for £2.

There is only one trouser pattern that Miss Amoo will wear and that is one called Jump from Ottobre 1/2008. I sewed them up in a flash using a previously harvested length of ribbing for the waist and using 5mm clear elastic in the ribbing as directed instead of running a very wide elastic through it as I have done before.

She is delighted but as I sewed them when she was asleep I didn’t hem them and now she has worn them for two days with 4″ turn-ups and I still haven’t hemmed them!

The other bit of sewing is a re-hash of a wrap over dress from a Japanese sewing book Koharu’s wear which I sewed for Miss Amoo for a party more than a year ago but hasn’t had much wear since and a lovely swing top from the same book which I sewed as reversible in fleece and cotton last year but Miss Froo now can’t get in and out of without ripping the side seams under the arms.

The top now has deeper (uneven) armscyes and after having to rip out the stitches that kept the lining and the outer together at the bottom edge in order to get to the armscyes needs a new hem

the wrap dress is now a wrap top waiting for a new skirt to be added and then to be worn by Miss Froo

So, three sewing jobs, nothing new, and all unfinished in some way. This is the sewing equivalent of tidying up and making more mess.


2 Comments to “Repetitive Sewing”

  1. ooo, I like that kinda home-made thrifty sewing. If only my sewing skills were better (and my children smaller) I’d do far more.

    Instead I suffice with the occasional patch-up/bodge job and a lot of trips to our local Swap shop.

  2. Anyone who can make a damned sewing machine behave requires serious respect.

    Big time awe!

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