We are in a serious dinner rut: the kind of rut that has only three dinners in it because we can’t think of anything else to cook and we haven’t been and done a ‘proper shop’ since before Christmas.

My mum may have sensed this some time before December started as she gifted me a new calendar which partially solves the rut problem. A seemingly lovely lady called Sarah Raven has designed a calendar with seasonal photos on it, what to do in the garden this month for veg and what to do in the garden for flowers and a seasonal recipe for each month. All (er, some) of my problems have been solved by one glossy thing to hang on the wall! And you can write things on it that you shouldn’t forget, something I really must do more often to prevent social embarrassment.

This month’s recipe is kale and chickpea curry: chickpeas, coconut milk, onions, garlic, mushrooms, curry powder, grated ginger, lime (or squeezy lemon!) and lots of kale. What’s not to like? I don’t have a photo because I like to eat, not take pictures of hot food.

Everyone except El Famosisimo cleared their plate, EF has his preferences and chickpeas are not on the list but he also knows that you can’t always have your favourite dinner and sometimes that means that you have to pick at your least favourite dinner. Mr G loved it despite the lack of red meat on his plate and suggested that we call Thursday night Curry Night which might help focus our minds. Do you have a favourite curry recipe you could share with me?

I just looked at the calendar more carefully and saw her web address. You can still buy the calendar if you too want to have at least one meal a month written down for you and avoid social awkwardness by agreeing to do something you later realise you can’t do….. sorry to the friends I have misled.

In other news, I dropped my tweezers in the bathroom yesterday and they disappeared down the plughole of the bath as if by magic. It was one of those things you couldn’t do if you tried but today I retrieved them with the help of a torch, a knitting needle, blu-tack, insulating tape and a piece of pre-recall Magnetix. A small triumph in an otherwise ordinary day.

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One Comment to “Food”

  1. Blimey, you must really love your tweezers!

    Similar meal rut here. Not helped by having one vegetarian (doesn’t like egg), two meat eaters (with lots of dislikes about various veg and various meats), one virtual vegan (who wont eat most of the vegan staples) and one dustbin eater who’ll eat anything. I am so tired of trying to produce a meal that at least 3 of the 5 people wont complain about. And chips doesn’t count.

    Of course the common take on this is that ‘they’ll eat it if they’re hungry enough’. But IT’S A MYTH (except in cases of near starvation I imagine). Having been a fussy eater as a child I could easily go 3 or more days without eating (and without feeling any great hunger) rather than eat things I didn’t like.

    So the food battle continues…broccoli at the ready!

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