Fairly Fairy

How’s your fairy faring? Poor Ms Fairy has a light-up function which is incompatible with today’s LED tree lights. She does however now have very spectacularly lit underwear!

Thanks to Marcel’s Kids Crafts for our easy-peasy and super-lovely snowflakes.


5 Responses to “Fairly Fairy”

  1. I just packed away my angel. She was looking pretty rough.
    I do so love those snowflakes.

  2. I really ought to take a picture of ours. Minx made her about 5 years ago now. She looks like child prostitute who’s eaten a whole tub of silver glitter. And we love her.

  3. The fairy I meant – not Minx herself.


    • I knew what you meant!

      Ours was a gift from the straight-laced Grandma aka she who asks Why-are-you-so-not-like-me? She (the fairy, not G’ma) replaced a foil covered star made by my boys. Miss Amoo took to the shiny fairy though and she has been perched on top of our cardboard trees since 2007. This is her first time on top of a real tree so the spiky bits up her skirt are a real treat.


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