Yesterday the girls made a new invention.

They wanted to watch tv but our tv has some odd feature that locks the screen every time you switch it on. Unless you can find the grey tv remote and press the unlock key you can’t make the digibox control make the tv work. This is complicated and very annoying because we are a pretty untidy family and the two remote controls are never in the same place you put them down last time.

Another problem is that the tv is so old that the bit that holds the batteries in its remote control has long since disappeared and the batteries are held in with several layers of duct tape which don’t hold the batteries in properly against the terminals unless you press them inwards as you are trying to press the now unlabelled buttons on the front. Every now and then, the rechargeable batteries held in place by the tape give up and have to be changed which is a right palaver. Yesterday the girls removed all the tape but then couldn’t find new batteries that worked so they found a new use for the peeled-off tape instead.

Two canes held together with some duct tape with the old duct tape on the end enables the user to pick up stuff off the floor and put it away without picking it up themselves (sort of). And I didn’t close the door on the sewing machine cabinet or clear the floor to take blog photos so….


Works better with a biro

Why did they do this? Why did they persist in changing bits about their tool until it worked better? Why did they keep making mess so as to keep picking up different things? What did they learn?

I can’t see inside their heads and see what is going on in there. I don’t know what connections they have made between what they have done today and with anything else or if they will ever do this again or not. I have no idea about any of this but I don’t need to know because it is their learning, not mine.

Then they put on the hats they got from Auntie Maureen last Christmas that they found in the drawer and decided to make some peanut butter cookies with J doing the weighing for them.

All good.


2 Comments to “Doing”

  1. I’m sorry I wasn’t concentrating: all the way through I was just thinking ‘Whoohoo!Someone else has a floor that looks like ours’.

  2. Big smile. I was doing stuff with sticky paper last night, very satisfying it was too.

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