All sorts

Another week creaks to a close and the last day of the week is going to be the yuckiest – is that the right spelling?

Tomorrow morning I will be at the podiatrist with El Famosisimo because his big toe and its ingrowing toenail are now way beyond my domestic healing abilities. The poor lad has been blessed with a big fat big toe and a nice curvy toenail which was greeted with glee by my sisters in law when he was born: “Tiene el dedo gordo de los Garcia!!! Yay!!! He has had trouble with it since he was small boy and I’ve lost count of the times we have soaked it in a bowl of hot salty water after pulling a sock off and thinking ‘yuck’.

The podiatrist lady thinks that he may need some local anaesthetic and knife-y cutty surgery which is not what either of us is very good at watching. Let’s hope she can do it there and then so we don’t have to look forward to another appointment.

This week I have also been ridiculously shocked by the depths to which the Local Authority will stoop in order to get into people’s homes to check them out. After daily calls to a family requesting a date for a visit the family decided to assert their rights and sent a letter refusing a visit and reminding the officer that he has NO STATUTORY DUTY to monitor home educated children.

Ordinarily that would have been the end of the matter but they received a response full of weasel words and threats from a man whose signature looks as if he holds a pen very tightly and clenches his jaw when he writes. It sickens me that the LA will use the fact that some families allow visits despite there being NO STATUTORY DUTY for the LA to monitor them, to make the family who don’t want to accept this intrusion look as if they are being unreasonable.

These people are bullies and we need to stand together as a community and hold them to account. I feel that the community here in Oxfordshire is very supportive and we do what we can to help families in tricky situations as well as celebrate the good things that happen.

I had naively thought that schoolies would similarly stand shoulder to shoulder in times of trouble but apparently not. On Thursday I was asked to sign a petition to save a little village school which is threatened with closure. It turned out to be an opportunity to talk to a cpule of people about Home Edding which was weird but the background to the sorry tale was intriguing.

Apparently the governors and teachers of a ‘good’ school in the closest town had proposed to support the little school and draw it under their wing financially and practically with their headteacher managing both schools. However when they put this decision to the parents there was uproar and the parents voted against combining the two schools on grounds that it would bring their school down!

School isn’t for me any more but I do understand why people need and want their children to go to school. Shame on those folks who think their kids are better than other people’s kids.


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