It All Fits

Today is an anchor day that holds the week down and stops one day just turning into another and another until so many pass that you have no idea what day it is nor how many have slipped through your fingers. The balance and flow of the weeks are disturbed if we don’t do the ‘Friday thing’ and we get a bit lost.

This Friday was set to become a lost day. Grumpiness meant that the vote was two girls-to-one me against setting off to our usual place when the phone rang and I spoke to a childhood friend of my mum’s who she has known for more than fifty years. Her son, who I last saw as a beaming red-haired toddler, is at a college in Oxford doing an MA in something historical and my mum had given her my number in case they were passing by and wanted a friendly cup of tea.

I really can’t remember the last time I saw her and her husband but I had no hesitation in accepting their invitation to a rendezvous in town. We ended up finding them in queue for the bus at the Park and Ride where they were waiting for the same bus as us. They looked a little different but sounded so familiar and warm that the girls took to them immediately and by the time we got off the bus they knew everything that anyone would need to know about us and more besides!

We had civilised tea in the Ashmolean then wandered about the museum and talked and talked. I know that my mum and she can go for years without seeing each other then just pick up and feel no discomfort or trepidation on meeting again. I too am beginning to recognise this ease with some of my friends who I see all too infrequently and what I found surprising and yet comforting today was that the tie between my mum and her friend felt like it had stretched out and looped around me too.

So even though we didn’t do the Friday thing, I still feel revitalised and uplifted and will welcome the new week with a spring in my step.

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One Comment to “It All Fits”

  1. I am getting this too.

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