On Wednesday, after a good week’s worth of fighting over who is watching what on the tv or ‘puter screen and a few bouts of sisterly violence and abuse, I banned the tv watching for a few days.

A lot more mess has been made and a lot more artwork has been produced as a result. Miss Amoo has been experimenting with cutting out shapes from paper then splattering paint onto the cut out and using the left overs as a kind of stencil.

Being a kind sister really, she offered today’s small pink-ish spattered butterflies to her sister to stick on to the wall by her bed “To help her wake up with kinder thoughts…”

Miss Froo’s response? “I don’t want them thank you: they look like bum cracks.”

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3 Comments to “No TV”

  1. Well at least she said ‘thank you’. You’ve obviously brunged her up right then.

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