I am waiting for the washing machine to stop so that I can take out everything that isn’t urgently required in order to find one logoed polo shirt for El Famosisimo to wear to work tomorrow. He only usually goes to work two days a week and to college the other three days but in order to avoid a week-long team building adventure at college he asked his work boss if he could really, really need him for five days this week instead of two.

He didn’t think that this might cause some washing=clean clothes crisis for himself and his disorganised mamá. Son goes to work (engineering) then to his other work (pizzas) and returns home at almost midnight needing clean shirt for 8am next day………………

I could just take out the shirt and shut the machine door again but I know what the consequences of a cavalier attitude to mustiness prevention are. The green woman in me won’t allow me to leave it in there to need washing again to remove the stink but I can suppress her disdain and smuggle the whole load to the shed and put it all in the tumble dryer where it will magically turn into wearable clothing by morning. For the record, I don’t tumble dry floor cloths, hankies, shirts, towels or dolls clothes.

While I’m in the shed I can get some lipstick Pink fleece out of the storage box which was only put there this afternoon because I got fed up of walking over it in the bedroom

Once I have identified and retrieved the the fleece with the aid of a crappy torch I need to cut a long strip into a scarf for EL Famosisimo to wear tomorrow for a breast cancer charity something or other at work. They told him he needed to wear something pink and although he is not a macho kind of lad, the closest things to pink in his wardrobe are purple shirts which apparently don’t count.

washing machine beeping………………………….moon shining and torch hunting

We’ll I’m back from the shed and here is the scarf with an unfortunate washing machine traveller…..

I don’t know who filled the washing bag today and how the Barbie dress got in there but it is even more revealing now than it was before it was shredded in the spin cycle.

Now which of all my waste bins is the correct resting place for a frayed Barbie dress?

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  1. I’m up too, but don’t have an excuse I’ll own up to on the net!

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