They are not like us

After a worrying number of disturbing conversations about home ed ‘visitors’ over the past few weeks I decided to pick up the phone again and try to get hold of the guy who has replaced the person who used to line-manage the visitors.

Needless to say we mere ‘service users’, ‘citizens’ and ‘salary payers’ of those who think they are above us in County Hall had failed to inform anyone that there had been any change and what implications that might have for us. A supercilious visitor let slip that there had been a change and the name given was duly noted.

After many clicks, clunks and sounds that made me think someone was outside on a mobile phone in a windy passageway, I was finally connected to a man who asked me my name twice then wondered, sort of politely,why the hell I was calling him. Why was I indeed? I had to think about that for a moment.

I asked a lot of questions, the responses to which led me to the conclusion that he isn’t au fait with the guidance and he doesn’t know if they have a duty to monitor us or not.


In some respects it is futile to seek to have any relationship with the Local Authority because as soon as one person moves on you are back to square one. On the other hand it is helpful to know your enemy and have a point of contact for complaints.

I am drafting a complaint today.


One Comment to “They are not like us”

  1. Go girl!

    Not exactly surprised they didn’t let us know of their little shuffle around, but it’s a bummer to have to start all over again. Will the next lot of government monkeys be any easier to train, I wonder? With the amount of effort we’ve made they should be knocking out Shakespeare by now.

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