with my reputation?

In Combe, Oxfordshire 20 miles away from home sweet home … at 10.10am?

Yes indeedee and I was early for the get together for the first time ever due to misreading the email with the plan in it. Everyone else appeared at 10.20 ready for the start at 10.30. Aaargh!

The morning had started with me getting up at 8am to make lunch and come to life then waking the girls up and Miss Froo telling me not to wake her up because she was in the middle of a dream: a portent of what was to come.

I was nearly out for the count by 4pm but we had a very home ed adventure including providing compressed air to little models of pistons and beam engines, making a poker at the forge and walking the woods of the Blenheim Estate identifying and learning more about the trees that grow there.

I am assuming that was what happened on the walk as Miss Amoo came back full of “Things I know about trees that you don’t”. We missed out on the info due to Miss Froo getting a bit shoutily impatient by the time we stopped under the third tree on the walk as she didn’t give a monkey’s for the pearls of wisdom falling from the lips of the ladies in charge (No-one will walk in front of either of us…or else…red rag to the home ed kid as you can imagine!)

There is only so much a mummy can do to try and stifle the shouts of “I’m bored” “This is boring” “I want to go home, this is boring” and “I don’t care about the trees now” emanating from a very vocal 4 year old. She would have been happy if we were walking but we kept stopping and it was too boring so we decided to go and wander a bit, just the two of us, then go back to the car to have a bit more lunch and read a book or something.

After lunch part two, reading entire Tales of Beedle the Bard aloud and more walking about a bit we heard the the weary band of walkers coming back through the woods with tales of no derrring-do at all (strict ladies, I tell you) but a sighting of two roe deer and a steep hill.

Hopefully some more organised folks will send me some photos of the day to put on so that people can see that we are actually learning everywhere and not just stuck at home.

So with leaves, acorns, a poker, wet wellies and more knowledge we set off for home to find J in his pyjamas having decided not to go to school. What?!? I am such a bad parent that I didn’t realise that he was still in bed when we went out.

Fortunately Mr G had sensed his presence in the house before he went out and had checked that he was still breathing. J had slept til 11 then learned all sorts of science on youtube and avoided being bored witless in a detention for not doing his geography homework. Honestly that lad needs to be home educated but he can’t kick the school bug.


6 Comments to “Me…”

  1. Sounds like he’s kicking it from time to time by having study days at home. It sounds ideal: plenty of sleep, being with people who love you and hoovering up information from YouTube. Plus eating and drinking home food. That’s what teenage HE looks like in our house too.

    • If only school could see them as study days…. We are planning a big bunk off next week to go to Kew before the half term hits. How many illnesses can one healthy boy have I wonder?

  2. 4 year olds can get away with wailing ‘I’m bored’ in a loud voice in public when someone is trying to tell them something educational.

    Unfortunately (as I’ve found out) 11 year olds can’t [‘Just pretend you’re having fun’ I say between gritted teeth.]

    • Except that the ladies had already been a bit off about having 4 year olds on the walk at all as it was “Muddy and slippery and therefore not suitable for under 5 year olds” and the shouting had them looking at me with those “We told you so” faces.

  3. I quite like the idea of sitting in the car eating a bit more lunch while other people are off being all educated.

    I think I might just have a bit more lunch right now. Even if it is half past midnight.

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