Happy sewing

I spent all last winter planning and thinking, drafting and re-drafting (in my head, not on paper) then more thinking and scheming and sourcing and costing and not sewing. Then I finally drew, cut, sewed and poppered and a Winter Sling Thing appeared. Except that as you may recall, it wasn’t called anything in particular back then.

By the time the Thing had finally come into being, it was almost spring and my fantastic, new, amazing, Winter Sling wearer’s solution was not really needed by anyone and I sold only one. Damp Squib.

The fleece was consigned to the shed in large plastic storage boxes and I didn’t think about it for months. Then the end of the summer happened and I felt a nip in the air so I re-listed the Thing on Folksy and Ebay and wouldn’t you know it! I have sold 4 in 10 days!

Doesn’t it look lovely in chocolate brown?

The Thing really looks great and the buyers have left me lovely feedback so I hope they will enjoy using it over the coming months. This has made me think that this could be a way to earn some biggish chunks of money. I have started thinking about how many Things I need to sell to pay off X and Y and Z or pay for A, B and C.

We do this all the time with the business; how many lets is a quarterly business phone bill? How many start up fees to get the car all logoed and wrapped in blue? How many monthly management fees to pay for more advertising? That is a bit exciting but not as exciting as making money for things that are a bit more fun for everyone in the long run.

Now I’m off to order some more poppers and shock cord elastic.


5 Comments to “Happy sewing”

  1. Yay – if I still had baby things in slings I’d buy a Sling Thing. Good luck!

  2. I still don’t know how you manage to sew fleece… when I made ds2 a sleeping bag liner the fleece took on a life of its own under my sewing machine. I swear that fleece stuff is possessed. It needs to be EXORCISED.

    • Mmm what can I say…. I have a firm hand and take no nonsense!

      And I love my pins. Pin, pin, pin, pin and more pinning stops stuff moving about. It is worth the extra minute or so and cuts down on the swearing later.

  3. What? Sewing without swearing?! Is this a new movement? (I’m obviously a traditionalist)

    And yes, I love my pins too – bent, chewed, blunt, short, missing ends and rusty. I have a full collection of misfits. Yeah yeah, smacked hand I know, but I refuse to invest (time, money, sweat, oil on machine, nice words, new pins etc) in sewing until I see a glimmer of reward to tempt me.

    I have learned (the hard way) that if I invest anything in anything in my house the kids will borrow/eat/customise/steal/destroy it.

    At least with knitting I can just stab ’em if they get close!

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