We home edders don’t have a school gate to natter at so every other Monday we go to the pub to talk.

Mr Green thinks this is slightly bonkers but doesn’t mind really because he gets to go and get drive thru McDonald’s ice creams for pudding while I’m out.

The chill in the air has brought out the urge to cover ourselves and our children with warmer things and pubbers have been bringing their knitting projects along for the past few weeks. Knitting dilemmas have been resolved successfully and knitting has been admired. I am not a great knitter an certainly can’t knit and talk so I’ve been wondering what I could take a long to sew so as not to look like the only one who can’t multi-task. All the ideas in my head lately have been of the kind that need a sewing machine though so I kept drawing a blank.

This week I got my finger out and planned ahead. Two squares of felt, vintage thread, a needle, scissors, some stuffing and a bottle cap.

Only one cock-up later (too much talking…..)

The base is a bottle cap of the kind that are found on the top of fizzy pop bottles, not milk bottles. If you want to amke one too you need to cut out a circle of felt the same size-ish as the bottom of the cap, cut a strip of felt long enough to go around the cap and two fingers wide then a square of about four fingers width and height.

Stitch the ends of the strip together then blanket stitch the strip to the circle and push the bottle cap into the bottom of this bucket you have sewn.

Round off the corners of the square and do a running stitch all around the edge so that when you pull on the thread it makes the circle look like a little parachute.

Stuff the parachute and pop it onto your bucket.

Now sew the edge of the bucket to the parachute and you have a tiny weeny pin cushion.

All in all a good night: talking, listening, learning and sharing. Ginger beer and green tea and a new pincushion too. BMF we missed you!


4 Comments to “Talking”

  1. Really cool! Would love to make these for teeny xmas pressies. Only problem is that noone I know sews anymore.

    Why is it that nobody sews anymore? I don’t mean fancy expensive trendy sewing, but essential sewing…repairs…putting buttons back on…a patch on the knees…lengthening kids trousers. Is it because the likes of Primark and Matalan have made clothes so cheap that it’s not worth doing..? Even I weigh up the pros and cons of an evening patching kids’ jeans when I can get new pairs for a fiver – or less if I buy secondhand.

    S’pose its the same reason for the demise of practical knitting. Except that knitting is now trendy, wool is now fancy, patterns are now ‘designs’ and if you want to knit a jumper it’ll cost you 30 quid for the pleasure.

    Ok. Off my make-do-and-mend soap box now. Shame I missed Monday’s session.

    • I know what you mean. I have this sneaking feeling that for lots of knitters and sewists this is just another way to buy stuff. I have stopped reading blogs with photos of fabric stashes which fill whole rooms. My stash looks like clothes, not fabric by the metre and it is hidden here there and everywhere around the house.

      One way to look at sewing and repairs is that even though it could be cheaper to buy something new, you are doing the right thing by not supporting poor labour practices abroad and also keeping things in the virtuous loop instead of adding more stuff to it.

      You could put a magnet on the bottle cap and then this little thing would be a wild looking 3-d fridge magnet! Even wilder if you sewed other stuff to the felt like this. Really OTT for a fridge magnet but satisfying none the less!

  2. ooh yes! Funky magnet! Now that should really confuse the relatives at Christmas. Sounds a fab idea!

  3. That’s cute. I love felt. And I love blanket stitch. Can’t remember the last time I was in in a pub tho’. I would love a bitch’n’stitch session but I don’t live near anyone at all. And I think all my sewing stuff is well buried under piles of things that need to be mended but never will. Have plans tho’. The Advent Fairies have been whispering. (Here’s to another sleepless Nov and Dec. If I do unearth the sewing box that is……. )

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