How to sew fleece mittens

For the past couple of years there has come a time when mittens were needed *right now* and we didn’t have any that fit anyone because last year’s pair was too small.

That’s how we started a ‘tradition’ of mitten sewing. Two years running I have sewn them from felted woollen jumpers with wrong sides together leaving the stitching on the outside because the wool was too bulky to turn.

This year I have lots of odds and ends of fleece after sewing Winter Sling Things so today we sewed some brown mittens in two sizes: Miss Amoo size and Miss Froo size.

I have some tips for sewing mittens that might help others so here we go:

Find some fleece that is new or something that doesn’t fit anyone any more. Find some paper and draw around the hand that the mitten is for in a mitten kind of shape and make sure that the thumb of the hand is sticking out to the side a bit. Make the bottom edges of the mitten shape longer going down past the wrist. Flare it out a bit here as well because wrists are rounder than hands and need a bit more fabric to get round them.

Not like this

Fold your fabric or bit of jumper right sides together and see which way it stretches. Pin the mitten shape on the fabric with the stretch going from side to side, not up and down.

At this point you can draw the shape on the fabric or leave it pinned on but in either case DO NOT CUT THE SHAPE OUT. It is hard to sew two bits of fleece together without one of them slipping a bit and not getting sewn together at all. This way you have plenty to hold on to and no risk of sewing off the edges

If you have a zipper foot it is easy to sew around the paper pattern without removing it.

If you have an ordinary foot, sew along the line you have drawn and remember not to sew up the bottom edge where the hand will need to get in!

You should end up with something that looks like this

Next, get your sharp scissors out and cut the mitten out, close-ish to the stitching

Turn it inside out and there you have it – a mitten!

Now all you need to do is sew another one!

I don’t bother finishing the bottom edge as the mittens will only be used for a couple of months but if you want to, you can make the sides a bit longer and more flared, sew a hem or a casing to run some elastic through or sew some elastic on the inside with a zig-zag stitch.

Miss Amoo has a horrible cold but she insisted on going for a walk round the block in the new mittens to test drive them. Miss Froo’s didn’t get sewn up til it was dark and she went to bed in them.


6 Responses to “How to sew fleece mittens”

  1. oooh oooh oooh! I love em. Don’t suppose my boys will be wanting a pair though, they’d just look at me like I’m a weird thing from planet weird.

    At the moment what I really need to do is sew a ‘barrel bag’ with a drawstring top to stuff a double duvet into. Don’t suppose you can point me to any tutorials that might help…

  2. Hmm…that’s a point. Wolf mitts.

    Wolf costume arrived in post today. I probably should have made her one myself cos this one looks more purple than grey and has a sort of disney head rather than the scary head that I’d’ve put on it. But there are only so many child-free hours of the day to make these things.

    Mitts I can manage.

  3. Just made a couple of pairs this afternoon, but handstitched, as I had some cute embroidery thread I wanted to use up! Unfortunately the fleece is cheap stuff I had lying around to use as padding for some mei tais I’m planning on making… so not only did I hav to use a double thickness, they won’t last long!!

    posted a pic of the first pair on FB and my friends all demanded some for themselves 🙂


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