Another week has slipped by and we still can’t get into a rhythm. Too many different things are happening and we can’t get a grip after months of blah. Then they delivered these

I love recycling but WTF? I now have a brown bin, a green bin, a grey bin, two green recycling boxes, a kitchen food caddy and an outdoor caddy. And I already have a composter in the back garden. The street looks as if Aliens have invaded.

Back in the normal world, school shirts need to be washed and ironed and available five days a week to avoid school folk thinking that us home edding folk don’t care about our school-going children.

The fridge is seriously lacking in lunch box foods and the cake tin is empty too so J has been taking odd and not very nourishing lunches to school this week and El Famosisimo hasn’t been eating anything. I can’t work out who is supposed to be home to eat in the evenings and Mr G is in a busy early evening property viewing cycle with clients which doesn’t help.

Home ed things got going again but we can’t seem to get our act together to go out by midday let alone 11am which is pretty weak. The only things we made it to this week were ice skating and our own little swimming appointment at 2.30 on Tuesday afternoon.

And what is going on with the darkness coming so early? I don’t mind the chill in the air but the creeping darkness bothers me.

This is the view from my back door between just before 7pm and just after 7pm on Thursday night

The first one was taken through the kitchen window and the other three through the open door. No photo-shopping or trickery: just point and shoot.

Here’s to next week being a bit smoother.

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5 Comments to “Rhythm”

  1. How shiny and new your huge bins look. Ours are a little dusty and used around the edges now! Bin envy!

  2. Oh yes, I have been sending in those big Jaffa cake packs in with T all this week. I think I am feeding a whole group of them by remote control.

  3. I wish kids didn’t need actually feeding at all. Bloody nightmare.

    Like the idea of remote control Jaffa Cake dispensing tho. Carb and fruit in one. Never a crumb left. Ideal.

    I have bin envy too. I have overflowing cardboard boxes, disintegrating from the rain, never to actually be allowed in my car, even tho’ my car is a sty. If I leave them there long enough however, Mr GPants may do a bonfire and I can pretend I recycled it.

  4. Lovely sunset pictures.

    Yes, creeping darkness. I love autumn, all the rosy colours and that need to stock up the freezer with the year’s harvest, and the desire to go buy new stationery and new shoes. But then winter suddenly arrives and really pees me off.

    Fed up with bins. Fed up with recycling. I never get the day right, or sometimes I put the wrong thing in the wrong bin only to get a lecture from next door neighbour whose blue bin we share. ‘But the label says ‘any paper’ even if the other label says ‘cardboard”. Oh bum. Anyway, who wants a fortnight’s worth of old cooked food going rancid in a green bin on their doorstep?

    So glad I don’t have to do the school packed lunch thing? Do you still get a list of ‘acceptable’ foods to put in packed lunches. It was the main reason I dismissed one school from our shortlist when I was looking for ds2.

  5. Hey BMF are you back or are you commenting from afar?

    Acceptable foods? Bah! By the time they are 13 and over they are eating their lunch on the way to school or standing up under a tree on the field so no-one gives a monkey’s what they are eating. I, on the other hand, do give a monkeys and would prefer to know they are ingesting some substantial protein at least because at the moment one of my boys does look as if he is losing weight, not gaining it.

    The bins have stickers on saying WAIT! Collections start 4th October. I’ve started filling the green one already cos you can put stuff in there that isn’t currently recyclable in the green boxes and I like being a bit naughty.

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