Not Back to School – sort of

Yesterday Miss Amoo, Miss Froo and I went to town with the banner to town to meet a friendly bunch of local home edders for our second Annual Not Back to School Picnic.

The banner was sewn at our Friday group for last year’s picnic which was part of a nationwide need to raise awareness of the insanity which was spewing from Mr Badman’s mouth and into the ear of Ed Balls then onto paper in the form of the Children’s Schools and Families bill. It started off saying Home Educators Picnic (no apostrophe as we are plural home educators and picnic here is a verb…) then when the banner went to London for the big lobbying day (see pic above) I cut the Picnic bit off the end and added an Oxon bit at the front. This week I sewed the Picnic bit on the end again so the thing was so long it needed about 10 children to hold it up.

This year we were celebrating the fact that we had faced down the government and won. Or, you might say, been saved by the wash-up and then by Labour being voted out. Whatever. We won, for now.

Bubbles were blown, the children chalked the pavement with flowers and words and doodles, the fake town crier complained about the attitude of one of the ‘pupils’ ha ha!! A passer by who was an ex-teacher was horribly rude to one of the children which was totally unreasonable and unfair but other than that it all went well and didn’t rain.

Ironically the other half of the family was at school… There was no question that J was going to set off to school if he could get up early enough but El Famosisimo returning to school was a shock.

In a flurry of madness last week which included wailing about the fact that all his idiot friends had been pissing about all year and now had half their A levels while he had only a car, a job and a year of spending time with us and also learning about life. The words about what he has are mine as he could only see what he didn’t have, poor love.

The peer pressure he had been resisting all year got too much and he cracked. He went to Connexions where they put him in touch with an organisation that co-ordinates engineering apprenticeships in the county who, on receiving his application form strewn with good GCSE results and a year of working like a working person, booked him two interviews last week. One of the companies wanted to see him again and by the third interview on Thursday he knew he really wanted an apprenticeship and was gutted to hear that someone else was in the frame for the one he really wanted.

On Friday he went to enrol at the college to do BTEC National Diploma in Engineering just in case the other guy being interviewed for the same job was raised in a cable factory and could wire plugs in his sleep. Forgetting to put the fuse back in the plug he had to rewire at the second interview was eating away at him and he feared that it would be a deal-breaker.

Monday came and no news so off he plodded to college to sit with a bunch of lads who aren’t good with their heads… or their hands, and don’t know what a belt is for. The course leader isn’t even an engineer! Doom and despair.

Thank goodness the chap called this morning to offer him the job he really wanted so his college torment will be only part of the week for four years instead of every day for two years and his mood has been lifted. I’m so pleased that he has found some zing again and is still excited about learning despite having walked out of school last October saying that it was all pointless.

So, we are back to being a half and half home edding family which is good for J because he will have someone to talk (or grunt) to when he gets up at the crack of dawn to go to school. Bad for me though because now I will have to deal with two places of so-called education and try not to be overtly rude when I go there.

Finally, have you noticed that Facebook is full of mummies dabbing at tears saying that their little ones look to little to be going to school. They are! Don’t do it!


3 Comments to “Not Back to School – sort of”

  1. Our hall meeting yesterday was bursting with new faces but, according to the old hands, this is all very usual and ‘we’ll see’. I’ve never particularly noticed this before though, but then I am usually wrapped up in something more absorbing like trying to work out where all of my offspring have disappeared to.

    We have our ‘Not Back To School’ picnic on Thursday so hoping for favourable weather. Have to gasp at your ex-teacher passer-by! Bloomin’ cheek.

    On a similar note, a post came through on our list from someone who had been watching This Morning last week – and the agony aunt woman was apparently telling tearful mothers with their tearful 4 year olds that they HAD to send them to school as IT WAS THE LAW!


    Hope your engineering disciple gets a good deal. Good luck!

  2. Congratulations on your son’s new job and the college place! I hope it goes well for him and he has fun as well as enjoying getting paid.

  3. I’m so glad El Famosisimo was offered the job, and it all worked out! Pass on my congratulations.

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