Not Much

The blood eh? Fickle stuff I tell you!

It seems that eating 2 brazil nuts a day really can affect the way your thyroid works and the new blood results show that my thyroid function is now normal and not borderline-not-normal as it was before. Unfortunately this leads this line of inquiry into my current lack of zing and numerous other thryoid-y symptoms into a dead end. In better news, the green eating I’ve been doing to keep me together has not made any massive difference to the warfarin function so no dose change is necessary. Steady and even works; bingeing on greens doesn’t.

Miss Amoo has been doing some labelling instead of tidying up the mess on the floor

You are never too young to learn about displacement activity! I bought this chest about 10 years ago from a man I used to know when I had a market stall in the centre of Oxford.

It houses everything from pencils to tools and phone chargers to sewing notions, sticky tape, string and socks. We all know which drawer has what in it but periodically someone in the family will do some labels and they last for a couple of months before being lost again.

Does it feel like autumn to you? I love this freshness and the change in the light but the nights are drawing in already so we’ve been out and bout in the sunshine while we can.

Round and about here over the last few weeks we have been picking mirabelles, apples, blackberries, plums, elderberries and pears. The mirabelles are now jam, the elderberries are cordial and the apples and pears are in our belies. The blackberries have been sparse so the few we picked yesterday got mixed in a very purple smoothie with bananas and peach. It tastes better if you sieve the seeds out!

Miss Amoo is also carrying out an experiment to see if a green tomato inside a clear plastic box left in sunshine will ripen or not. Day two and the verdict is ‘no change’.

My experiment with a chilli plant is only slightly more successful as we have watched several flowers appear then fall until one turned into this:

The courgettes are being nibbled by something which only likes the green skin so we are picking them small unlike last year when they got this big

All this and no sewing. Damn.


One Comment to “Not Much”

  1. I dream of a set of drawers like that. Dream. Used to work in an art materials shop with just such chests and even after about 3 years I still used to discover things in little drawers I never knew were there. I love the labels. I would probably reorganise and relabel every 6 months or so, each time believing that this would sort my life out. Heaven.

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