Can you see what it is yet?

It’s a shopping bag that is very light and scrumples up into its own pocket just like a 1970s cagoule but less stiff!

I had put the pocket a the bottom on the outside but then changed my mind and put it at the top on the inside. I have french seamed the handle tops and the bottom seam for strength but need to make the handle parts taller to compensate for the deeper seam.

I tried it out yesterday in town and it is comfy to carry as well as capacious due to gussets at the side. I carried 2 bottles of bubble blowing mixture, a bottle of glasses cleaning spray from the opticians as a present for my mum (have you ever smelled that stuff? Yum!), two boxes of Waitrose 9 odd sized eggs in a box, one big box of malt wheats, two pints of milk and a massive long fat loaf of bread. I don’t think anyone noticed that there were all sorts of threads hanging off the bag or that the pocket was sew on on wonky but that is the nature of a prototype!

BMF~ When I sew up some real bags that are all nice and tidily finished I’ll give you one for being an imaginative guesser.


3 Comments to “Prototype”

  1. ok…wild guesses…a fold-into-itself shower cap/shopping bag (no handles)/bike seat cover/rucksack raincover/mac with no arms.

    Is there a prize for the best guess?

    (not that I’m competitive or anything)

  2. Awww c’mon. The suspense is killing me.

    Emergency portaloo?

    Portable dog bowl for extrememly thirsty dog?

    DIY parachute for people who carry their own string and stapler?

  3. Cool!

    I love your sewy stuff but it makes me slightly uneasy – reminding me of the demon that lurks inside my psyche whenever I attempt to play with the sewing machine – but I get all Blue Petery and eager when I see your pictures …. and so it goes.

    Your ideas should come with a warning – DO NOT attempt to do this at home if you are mentally unstable in the company of pinking shears and needles.

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