Balls – Again

Will the man never learn? Why doesn’t he just admit defeat and SHUT THE F UP?

What on earth is he dragging up the Children Schools and Families Bill for now? It is dead in the water and was pronounced so in May after being largely cleansed in the Wash(ing) Up. How very domestic.

I meant to comment on this earlier in the week which would have been a bit more timely but it takes a while for a rant to foment you know.

The publication of the Serious Case Review in to the death of a little girl in Birmingham has obviously flicked his insanity switch again and set him off spinning toward home educators again instead of poking the professionals who failed so miserably and with such awful consequences.

His article in the Guardian of 3rd August should have stopped at this paragraph which I wholeheartedly agree with (take me to a shrink, please, I should never agree with this man)

“It was always clear that many factors must have contributed to her death, and the serious case review confirms that poor communication and a failure among some professionals to follow procedures were among them. Above all, though, the adults closest to her bear responsibility for what happened and they have rightly been held to account for it in the courts.”

Stop right there Ed. Justice, hospitals, and schools are all in the domain of one Minister or another and in each case there is someone who can be held to account. Hold that thought Ed.

But no,

He can’t help himself:

“However, the fact that she was being home educated throughout her last critical year, when her body mass declined to its final unsustainable state, was also a major factor. The restricted access to her by professional agencies effectively removed any oversight of her welfare or development – just when she needed it most.”

This is where I lost my patience with his rationale. Her last year? Really? Restricted access? Really?

I don’t think Ed has read the heart wrenching report by Mrs Justice King cataloguing the decline of all the children in the family in front of the eyes of schools, doctors and social workers. If he had, he could no longer pin any blame on home education and he would be banging on the doors of Birmingham Children’s Services offices and tightening the tie of the man at the top til he gets a bit freaked out by Ed’s scary face.

Not a bit of it. We are all evil, as he ‘knew’ we were and as his dear friend Graham now Sir Graham Badman (Ed “Oh shit we aren’t in government any more so I couldn’t get him knighted – please edit that”) was so sure of too.

Home education doesn’t kill children. People kill children. The law is there to punish them when they do but the government cannot control every weirdo in the country to prevent murder happening.

PS And what can we do to get The Guardian to stop calling it Home schooling? This ain’t America, this ain’t school and we don’t do nothin’ schooly. OK?


2 Comments to “Balls – Again”

  1. {sigh} Seems like that nasty little Jack Russell is still barking after the bone. Such a shame a good swipe on the muzzle with a newspaper wont stop him.

  2. I’d like to go a little further than that.

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