New things

I’ve got my finger out with a bit of sewing for the shop which has been empty for a while now, sorry to anyone who has clicked on the Folksy link and wondered why the heck I’d have a link if I’ve got nothing for sale!

Winter is coming you know; I’ve been feeling chilly in the evenings already and the nights are drawing in. Where does the summer go? I hope it pops up again in September. Brrr. Anyhow I’ve already seen two people walking around Yokelville this week trying to keep a blanket tucked around their babe in a sling so I’m sure now is the time to start sewing some Winter Sling Things.

You might remember that when I first invented the Winter Sling Thing it had no name and I couldn’t find one that hadn’t already been used by someone else for something else despite your great suggestions. Well, I met and baby wearer of my acquaintance (as in I have no recollection of what her name is )in the park a few months ago and tried to explain to her what the-thing-you-need-when-it’s-cold-and-you-can’t-fit-the kid-inside-your-coat-kind-of-thing and she said “Why are you sewing a winter thing in spring?” and I said “A Winter Sling Thing!!!” YAY! A name at last.

In case you’ve forgotten what The Winter Sling Thing looks like here’s a pic

I sold some on Ebay earlier in the year and the mummies who bought them loved them so I hope to please more mummies and babes this winter.

In case you don’t have a baby who needs carrying, I’ve put a few folded origami-type purses in the shop too and have more ready to be sewn up.

I’ve been experimenting with a really lightweight shopping bag that folds up to teeny weeny size and hope to get a few of them in the shop this week too.


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