The other day I was googling about for mandalas to colour in as Miss Froo was demanding “More colouring in paper,” when I found a link to a desktop finger labyrinth It looked a lot like a labyrinth that Jeamethis, Miss Froo and I found on a visit to Dorchester Abbey a while ago whilst killing time waiting for Miss Amoo to finish her gymnastics class in Berinsfield. That one was in chalk and a seven circuit Classic form. Can you tell I’ve been reading about labyrinths?

The history of the Abbey at Dorcester, St Birinus and Berinsfield is really interesting and we have wiled hours away in the library in Berinsfield and in the Abbey reading so as not to sit in a claustrophobic room in the Gym listening to (mostly) yummy mummies droning on how difficult their lives are. There are only so many times you can think “Take the kid out of school, stop going to all the activities that are so hard to co-ordinate and just BE”

I found a link to real life labyrinths and found that there is one in a churchyard in Chalgrove which isn’t too far away. I’ve been planning to go and walk it and had this Sunday down for doing it. That plan was sort of messed up by the guy in Horspath village we sold a Blackberry Pearl to on Ebay not being able to make it work so needing a home visit to sort it out and some bloody student tenants who should have moved out yesterday wanting to have another day to leave the house still-not-quite-clean-enough for the landlord. At least it doesn’t get dark until after 9pm so setting off at almost 5 o’clock wasn’t all bad.

If we had got there before 4pm we could have had a look at the medieval paintings inside the church but as it was the outside was interesting enough. The maze is cut into the grass and probably looks a bit better when the grass is green! It was still easy to follow the path and we all set off. All except Mr G who thought tat walking back and forth would be a waste of time. In a churchyard with nowt else to do (!) He gave in though and set off to follow us.

This labyrinth doesn’t have a centre but a place to stop under a tree. Mr G caught me up

and we looked back to the children who had got bored part way through and run back hopping over the paths.

Then we had a look at all the gravestones, some of families that Mr G is familiar with from going to a secondary school with a massive catchment area covering most of the small villages on one side of Oxford.

There were creative people buried here

The church tower has a one handed clock which I think said it was six o’clock

All thoughtful stuff. After walking all around the church and talking to a little dog with her owner we went to the pub for a drink and met a donkey which didn’t say eeyore, much to Miss Amoo’s disgust. She couldn’t believe that she had been duped by books to think that the word accurately represented the noise that came from the donkey’s mouth.

Home again, I looked up why the clock had such odd numbers on it and then kicked myself on remembering that there is a labyrinth in St Michaels Church in Abingdon which we could have cycled to in the week! I@ll let you know when we’ve seen it.

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One Comment to “Labyrinth”

  1. Good effort though – I am mightily impressed.

    We tried a ‘family walk’ one Sunday around the Ashdown Forest – the bit that was supposed to be the 100 Acre Wood from Winnie the Pooh – but none of it made sense. We got lost, we got wet, we got stuck in mud, we got out, we got ice cream, we got home, we got the telly on.

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