Who knew you could put up a tent in a field full of tents and end up with a view like this after dinner?

Last weekend we went camping ‘en famille’ for the first time. Mr G is the world’s least happy camper and has resisted the call of the outdoors for more than a decade and a half since his last foray to Hayling Island in a ridge tent with a friend who didn’t put the tent pegs in far enough with predictable consequences….

EL Famossisimo’s camping experience is that of staying awake all night for three nights and not washing or using a toilet for all that time while listening to very loud music.

What tipped the balance in favour of camping was that we needed to be in Abbotsbury Sub Tropical Gardens for a family folk concert by 1pm on Saturday and last year we hadn’t been able to get out of bed early enough to get there before almost 5pm by which time we had missed 3 of the bands we had gone to listen to! Driving down at our leisure on the Friday, camping overnight then getting up at our leisure on Saturday for a 10 minute drive to Abbotsbury made braving an unusual toilet and sleeping in a field a no brainer. Both of them were won over by the view, the weather, the comfortable beds, the showers and had a good weekend.

The music on the Saturday was fantastic and we didn’t miss anyone! If you get a chance to hear Rodney Branigan playing two guitars or Adrian Edmondson on thrash mandolin playing punk – enjoy! The main reason we were there is because all of us like Show of Hands who sound like this and look like this

Through them we have discovered Mawkin Causley, Martyn Joseph, Miranda Sykes and the lovely Megson: google/myspace them if you think you don’t like folk music!

Here are my butterflies sitting still for a minute

And a restless one who wanted to walk down the road behind the gardens to see what was at the end of it – Chesil Beach as it turned out! We climbed over a gate and walked up a bit of a hill covered in bunny rabbits running around with their tails lit up by the sun.

Mr G is already talking about putting the tent back into the car and setting off for an other adventure.


5 Comments to “Wow”

  1. So does that mean HESFES next year then?

  2. If by then the business can support paying a full time member of staff, yes! This year we can’t afford to pay anyone, not even ourselves so I’m stick to the grindstone.

  3. Oh I got very excited when I saw the pic of Show of Hands – I LOVE them and would love to see them at a festival. I saw them last year in an unlikely theatre in East Grinstead (at least it was small) and they were fantastic.

    I may have to dig out my DVD of their Tour of Topsham or whatever it’s called. Which bothers me slightly as I have very dim memories of Topsham from very dim student days.

  4. Double wow! A fellow fan! We’ve seen them live three times now; twice outdoors then ds1 and I saw them in Reading last winter too.

    Have a look at their website and see if they are playing anywhere near you any time soon. I think they have a few dates cancelled at the mo cos Phil has had to have a heart operation.

    Look them up on youtube and spotify to hear their new stuff.

  5. I never thought of looking them up on the ‘puter – I’d love to know what happened during that sailing adventure thingy that Phil went on. Altho’ if he’s having heart surgery now – maybe it wasn’t such a healthy jaunt….

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