Where does a day go? Or a week? Or a fortnight?

We go skating every other Thursday and despite the apprehension of a new and infrequent skater that I feel every time I step onto the ice, I can’t help thinking that it was only a couple of days ago that I was doing the exact same thing. Do you know what I mean? Time flying yet taking time?

It was El Famosisimo’s 17th birthday the other Sunday and it sort of crept up on us despite knowing that the end of June wasn’t far away. He had a small gathering at our house and just for once it wasn’t raining on Glastonbury weekend and everyone could all sit outside to eat. I have watched this boy grow from a 6lb 4oz chubby baby with blue eyes to a long-limbed, dark-haired and brown-eyed young man. He is charming, playful, thoughtful, bold and brave whilst at the same time being unsure of where his path is leading, anxious about doing new things and pretty disorganised.

Who knows how he feels about the last 17 years and whether time has dragged or flown by. Something he says a lot is ‘Time ago’: not how much time, just time passing.


3 Comments to “Time”

  1. I would like to put in a complaint. I have been swindled. Short Changed. Robbed.

    Robbed of June. One minute it was May and I was struggling to fulfil the month of birthdays and then next time I looked it was July. Did I miss June? Where did it go? Did somebody steal it?

    As a child time seemed to drag when I was doing something boring and zoom by when I was doing something I loved (and grown ups wanted me to stop). But since I’ve had children time just goes, it sneaks away. Sometimes I seem to lose a day. Sometimes a week or a month. And once a whole year went missing in a blur. Next thing you know I’ll be 80 and wondering what happened to 40 years.

    • Ah, a lost month? I’d complain to Dr Who. he has been mucking about with the space time continuum for a while now and what with Dr Mark Greene’s wife, the Pandorica, Rory the centurion and Miss Amelia Pond who knows what mess the Doctor has got us into!

  2. Yeah, maybe that explains the cracks in the bedroom wall. I thought they were caused by our double glazing cowboys, but now I’m not so sure…

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