Wordy Wednesday

This week some hair, a hedgehog and some lilies.

Hair from J finally giving in to the summer heat and wanting to get a weight off his head. We think this hedgehog is the daddy of some babies conceived under our lilac tree a while back and he was cruising by our front garden when I freaked him out by opening the front door. These gorgeous lilies came from a client who gave them to Mr G wrapped in newspaper ‘for his wife, or girlfriend or whoever.’ They were almost five feet long so I had to hack a good bit off with the bread knife to get them into the tallest vase I own.

The art in my kitchen is by my Nan; the one on the left is part of her purple phase that hit some time in the 1970s and the one on the right is an unfinished study of a cafe we used to go to with her when I was younger and she was about 80. That one used to be in the hallway but I found a mirror that went better there and Miss Amoo suggested we put it above her chair at the table because it is food related.

And this little fluffy thing is our neighbours cat. (I can’t get a good shot of her at all!)

I think she is called Poppy but I’m not sure. What I am sure of is that she likes our garden much more than her own and she is a bit partial to a bit of Miss Froo’s lovin’. As soon as the neighbour gets home and lets the cat out it slinks into our garden quick as a flash. She peers into the kitchen and hops over the front threshold and several times she has run all the way through the house in a panic pursued by a shrieking girlie.

In some respects this is my ideal kind of pet: the children get to love up a little cat but we don’t have to feed her and her vets bills are paid elsewhere. Then I came home the other afternoon and found her sitting on Mr G ‘s lap at the computer!!!!!! That is a step too far in my book but we shall see how much braver she gets.


2 Comments to “Wordy Wednesday”

  1. As I scrolled down I had an awful feeling that you were going to combine the hedgehog and the hair into a new craft project.

    I guess that just shows the sorts of blogs I normally read!

    • The hedgehog reminded me of the hair and vice versa. With all the trimming and clipper-ing I did, I got tiny hairs stuck inside my sleeves which was very spiky!

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