Are you early or late?

Today we waited until the sky looked a bit clearer and went to town on our bikes. Miss Amoo hunted for her helmet high and low but to no avail. She asked me if she could go without her helmet and I said yes because we weren’t going to go on any roads. She said “But people will look at me and think that you are a Bad Parent.”

It wouldn’t be the first time.

She practised her one-handed riding on the path behind Waitrose and pronounced that she definitely could do it now and I wouldn’t be risky to do it whenever she wanted to. That’s my girl, or rather Daddy’s, thinking about risk.

The only reason we were going to town was to buy some curtain hooks; the ones that look like ears. Three ancient plastic hooks had broken on our bedroom curtain more than a week ago and when there is a gap of 6″ between the curtains the black out lining doesn’t really make any difference to the amount of blazing crack-of-dawn sunlight streaming through the window.

The hooks were a staggering 2p each at Masons in Stert Street so we pushed the boat out and got 20 as I’d poached ten off the curtain we hang over the front door when it’s cold. We chatted to the ladies in the shop then went on our way to Miss Amoo’s favourite shop which is AfCIC We often find great things there and all the people who work there know about us home educating so we can shop without interrogation. Today’s haul was a sensible hoodie cardi thing for Miss Froo and two plain t-shirts for Miss “I don’t like pink any more” Amoo. I eyed a retro tea set and an ancient green velvet covered jewellery box but I really don’t need them so they stayed where they were.

Next stop was the other Masons in Bath Street to get a disappearing fabric pen. A lady coming out greeted me cheerfully until a millisecond later she realised that I wasn’t who she thought I was. I said hello anyway but she rushed off all of a fluster. Inside the girls were bemused to find that the same lady who had counted out the curtain hooks in the other shop was now here in this shop too!

More weird still was walking back to the bikes and finding ourselves just behind the lady who knows my doppelgänger and saying hello to her again.

Such is the limit of fun in a small town sometimes.

Tonight I listened to this Type A meet Type B and from there found people like me at B-Society

We late risers are not lazy! Where would the world be without people like me who can stay awake and alert late enough to do jobs that early risers can’t do because they are falling asleep?


5 Comments to “Are you early or late?”

  1. Oooh…I didn’t know there were two Masons! Are they different, or little twins? I find myself getting lost in wool whenever I visit, while my children droop and make faint moaning and sighing noises.

    One day I will visit ALONE (and spend far more than I should).

  2. p.s. I’m naturally an early riser during the spring to Autumn months, but Nov-Feb the lack of light leads to waking at night, nightmares (or rather early morning-mares) and an inability to get out of bed before 10am when my oversensitive thoughts of impending doom and gloom have usually faded!

    But the early rising habit of our family has been reinforced by an early-rising first child (5.30am until he was 6!) and financial needs. For the past 8 years I have worked evenings. To be able to do this dh needs to cover early evening childcare and therefore has to leave early to go to work. When one person is up at 6.30am, then it impacts on the whole household.

    So I don’t think it’s as straightforward as being a natural early or late riser. Given the choice dh and ds2 would lie in till lunch time!

    • When I was a single parent I used to get up before 7am and get one child to the child-minder before 8.30, the other to school by 8.45 and myself to work by 9am. Last month I went to a rightmove breakfast seminar at Blenheim Palace which started at 8am and I got there on time then picked a friend up from the station at 11am. What a wild morning that was! I *can* do it but I am not at my best at that time of the day.

      I have worked in restaurants a lot and usually started around 6 or 7pm and worked until midnight or later. I am buzzing at that time of night and much more alert and able to deal with work.

      The morning/evening thing is definitely more about preference than ability but I was shocked to read elsewhere that if you are a let riser and spend too long working in the early riser mode you are treating yourself to the equivalent of jet lag every day. Having been horrendously jet lagged travelling to and from Mexico (12 hours time difference) I can say that I know exactly what they mean by that.

  3.’ve got me thinking.

    I used to find it easy to stay up late and, as you say, had that ‘buzz’ at that time and could be very productive. But back then I was doing exciting things (parties, clubbing, gigs, earning money) that fed into that buzz and rewarded my late nights.

    Now, however, my evenings are spent either working in a v.dull library or in front of tv/computer. There is no stimulation and I no longer buzz at night {g}

    I’m not surprised that fighting against your natural tendences can result in something similar to jet lag (for example working nightshifts for a long period has been shown to have health implications). But I’m not convinced that all people who shift their waking/sleeping patterns suffer detrimental effects if the ‘retraining’ is done gently and slowly.

    But perhaps I’m just feeding into that prejudiced assumption that people who stay in bed late in the morning are just plain lazy lol.

    • “But perhaps I’m just feeding into that prejudiced assumption that people who stay in bed late in the morning are just plain lazy lol.”


      Contrast these two:

      “Are you ok?” someone asks at no particular time of day

      Person 1 replies “I’m tired because I went to bed late.”

      Person two replies “I’m tired because I got up early.”

      Who gets the scorn and who gets the pity?

      eta I worked in restaurants in my teens, then my 20s and 30s as well so it isn’t just a youth-related thing for me.

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