Last week I spent almost all week away from the monster and close to nature. It was so good to get away and see the sea, the hills and the skies of Devon.

The view from where I was parked on the beach

The view from the front of the tent

The downside was the early rising of seven children in a tent and the late to bed of two mummies after at least a bottle of wine shared per night……. Maybe that’s why I didn’t remember to take many pictures. We have come back rested, browner, dirtier, with slight colds and a ton of stones and shells and I can see more camping in our future.

While we were away I collected a new sewing machine which a lovely sewing lady who reads here had shown me on ebay – fatal! Ordinarily I wouldn’t have bid on a machine that was 160 miles away but this 319k is green, not black. She came with 10 of the needles I’ve been searching for, a larger cabinet than the one I have currently and was in Exmouth which is not much of a detour on the way to Dawlish. I didn’t think I would win her with a bid of £30 but I did, so we collected her on Tuesday. J and I unpacked the camping stuff from the boot, heaved the machine into the back of the car and packed all the camping stuff back on top. The seller thought we were bonkers. I’m glad we have a big car and I only had three of the children so we had the back seats down to make enough room!

Here is the cabinet which needs a bit of love

And here is the lovely green machine which also needs a bit of love

I don’t know anything about the weights on the floor: they appeared whilst we were away….

I took the new machine out of the cabinet and put my old machine in it. The new machine has a new motor so I’m going to wear out the old one first. It also has a screw taped to the front which I can’t see where it could have come from. It’s not that I don’t like her but I think I’ll stick with the one that I know I can sit and sew with without any troubleshooting for now.

Today I sewed a little hankie from one of my Dad’s old shirts for my sister to have as Something Old for her civil ceremony on Thursday. It has perfect mitred corners which she may or may not notice!


One Comment to “Ahhhh”

  1. I thought you lived in a two-bedroomed house – are your children moving out?! lol

    By the way, if ever you need any new metal bits n pieces, dh has access to machining workshop at work and can machine up pretty much anything.

    Particularly handy for components with imperial sizing and specialist screws, bolts etc, which aren’t in usual stockists.

    I feel the urge to go take photos of my machines now…

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