Ohh I’m wicked and I’m lazy.

Sometimes other things need doing and dinner falls through the gap. Today was one of those days when seven o’clock came round and I asked the room what everyone fancied for dinner and the chorus of “Pizza” emanated from the three tikes huddled on the sofa watching The Simpsons on C4+1. At these times that we are grateful for El Famosisimo’s employment at Domino’s Pizza where he sometimes goes by the unlikely moniker of ‘Keith’.

He is such a good chap that he proudly proclaims his love for us to all and sundry. Look at how he labels our order:

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One Comment to “Lazy”

  1. Yum…pizza…my favourite.

    I’ve decided one of my children will be a plumber (or a hairdresser if they really want), one will be a builder (or electrician, I’ll let them choose) and the other can work in/run a pizza shop.

    Nope, none of this university lark for my kids. Go and do something useful for your mother! I reckon I deserve some payback after all this home educational sacrifice, don’t you? 🙂

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