Two pink

As well as being disorganised as I confessed before, I am also forgetful.

Not good if you need to take medication to keep you from waking up with a leg twice its normal size or not being able to catch your breath because there’s a clot in your lung.

The advice for warfarin dosing is to take your tablets at 6pm. I am not sure why this is but it may be that the peak action of the drug is when you are asleep and your blood is more likely to pool and clot because you aren’t moving much. This theory only works if you go to bed at 10pm which I don’t…….

I used to try to take it at six but I often forgot what with cooking dinner and all that. Then later in the evening I couldn’t remember if I had taken it or not; I could see a picture of myself in my minds eye popping the tablets out and taking them but I couldn’t remember if that was today’s memory or yesterday’s.

After months of forgetting doses or not being able to remember if I had forgotten a dose I decided to move my time from evening to just before I go to bed. That way the memory I have as I shut my eyes is so recent that it can’t be confused with any other.

So here I am at 2am with two pink in my hand. Two pink is 10mg and should be Saturday’s dose; the only day I don’t take 11mg. I forgot to take only 10mg last night so I’ve compensated today. Forgetful I tell you.

(Yes I have heard of those daily pill boxes but for a long while my dose kept changing and anyway I had a feeling they were for grannies not sprightly young things like myself!)


One Comment to “Two pink”

  1. God I’d be useless at taking pills regularly. I struggled enough with the contraceptive pill in my teens when I still had some active memory brain cells.

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